• The 133rd Canton Fair
    The 133rd Canton Fair Apr 04, 2023
    Dear buyer, The 133rd Canton Fair is scheduled to be held onsite and online in April 2023! Our booth number is 19.2K46 during 15th- 19th of Apr.,welcome to visit us. We display our ice cream machine,popsicle machine,display freezer and slush machine.
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  • How does Popsicle Machien Work?
    How does Popsicle Machien Work? Sep 17, 2022
    The first step of making popsicle, you need to prepare the liquid material for making popsicle. Then pour the liquid into the mold and put the sticks in the container and seal the mold. After that operate the machine. After the popsicles are finished, open the capper of the machine, take the popsicle mold out of the machine. Drop the mold in the container with water, you can easily pull out of popsicles. Take the click to release the stick and the popsicles fall off. Finally, the popsicle is ready for sale or pack.
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  • Slush Machine
    Slush Machine Sep 09, 2022
    Slush is a sign of summer drink that is a popular drink among adults and children. It is a combination of ice with tasty possesses the tropical flavor and color. The manipulation of slush machine is simple. Because it can change your beverage by providing more tastes. You just pour the ingredient in it, and then the machine will work. The slush can be finished within 30-60 mins. It can maintain the optimum temperature, prevent the slush from melting. Place a slush machine in your place can improve your promotion and attract more customers.
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  • Maintenance and Cleaning of Ice Cream Machine
    Maintenance and Cleaning of Ice Cream Machine Sep 03, 2022
    Generally, your ice cream maker needs to maintenance and servicing, as well as regular cleaning. But there are not all ice cream machine suppliers possess the specialists of maintenance and servicing calls. So you need to acquire the plan of repair and the cost of something you need. Expensive maintenance will increase the cost of cheap machine, but the advanced machine will decrease the ling-term operational cost. Above all, when you analysis the cost of machine, you need to think about these. The price of machine does not mean the whole.  
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  • The Thing that You Need to Consider
    The Thing that You Need to Consider Aug 27, 2022
    When you have a ice cream machine, there is a thing that you need consider where your machine need to place? There are two kind of commercial ice cream makers,counter-top or floor standing configurations. But for the smaller place business, table machine is a better option. You need to make sure that there is enough place between a machine and the place of conservation and preparation of ice cream ingredients. And then, you need to think how to deliver the ice cream to display area. For instance, make sure there is space for people to bring a heavy ice cream trolley from one to the designated place.
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  • What Kind of Machine Do You Need?
    What Kind of Machine Do You Need? Aug 20, 2022
    When you purchase a ice cream machine, what do you need to consider? Obviously, the first thing you need to think is what kind of ice cream do you need? Because one type of ice cream machine can not make various ice cream. The machine that you choose should fit your demand. There are different types of frozen desserts. Hard ice cream The traditional frozen dessert. In the procession of blending, there is less air in it to create more thicker, denser texture. Soft ice cream The key to make soft ice cream is there is more air be whipped in, which can make more softer texture. Fried ice cream Pour the mixed ingredient to the freezing pan, then spread around and cut it in several parts. Different types of ice cream need different machine, you need to think what kind of machine is your demand.
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  • Ice Cream Machine
    Ice Cream Machine Aug 13, 2022
    Would you like to start selling ice creams, but you do not know what kind of ice cream machine do you need? We have the suitable solution for you. If you need the a full-sized ice cream display counter, the BEIQI ice cream showcase freezer may be the best choice. There are many sizes of this kind machine. Such as there are 8 pans in it, you can show 8 flavors of ice cream to customers. Start selling soft ice cream in stead of ice cream in scoops, the BQ320 possesses the function of the 2+1 mixed flavors. You can provide customers 3 tastes frozen dessert. These machine can surprise you and your customers. Do not miss the opportunity and request an offer now!
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  • Make Fried Ice Cream Together
    Make Fried Ice Cream Together Aug 06, 2022
    Before make fried ice cream, line a silicone baking sheet on the baking sheet. Scoop the ice cream into balls and freeze on prepared baking sheet for at least 2 hours. Then, beat the egg whites in a bowl. Put the crushed cereal in another bowl. Dip a frozen ice cream ball into egg whites and then put some cereal and return to the baking sheet. After that, pour vegetable oil in a large oven or fryer and heat to 190C. separately fry the ice cream balls until golden. It is about 1 minute, remove from the oil . At last, Transfer to a platter with optional adornments.
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