• canton fair
    canton fair Oct 09, 2021
    Jiangmen City Beiqi Machinery  Co.,Ltd attented the 130th Canton Fair,our booth number is 9.1L30,welcome to visit us. We display our ice cream machine,popsicle machine,display freezer and slush machine. Many customers from all over the world show interesting in our machine and we discuss much about our machines.Some customers place orders in fair.
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  • learning skill
    learning skill Oct 09, 2021
    In order to offer better services to our customers, 17:30pm, Nov 15, 2021, Super Time Market Department had a sales skills communication meeting. There were 4 colleagues came outside to learn this topic, and come back to share. This meeting topic has 3 parts of sales, including the psychological quality of a salesman, the reason to be a salesman, and how to be an excellent salesman. As a salesman, their main work is selling our products ice cream machine,display freezer,slush machine and popsicle machine. So, no matter the customer is interested in our products or not, we should just offer our best services and show our profession. Although we can’t cooperate with each other, we could be a friend; although we can’t be friend, we could have the experiences to communicate with different people.
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  • new technology
    new technology Oct 09, 2021
    Our newly launched commercial R290 refrigerant is used in ice cream machine,popsicle machine,display freezer and slush machine. R290 refrigerant is the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving product among the refrigerants, and its carbon dioxide equivalent is basically zero. Old refrigerants are the intermediary substances used to complete energy conversion in various heat engines, mainly fluorine-containing refrigerants
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  • visiting and reception
    visiting and reception Oct 09, 2021
    Two customers from Turkey visit our factory on 05-11-2021,they test our ice cream machine,popsicle machine,display freezer and slush machine,they  test our machine all the time and are very satisfied with our products and place order.They said our ice cream machine,popsicle machine,display freezer and slush machine is very popular in their country now.They will resell our product in their country and will make much porfit. We also assure them one year warranty for good quality and 24 hours online for after sale service. We have chinese food happily with beer at evening.
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  • The Hot Sale Ice Cream Machine
    The Hot Sale Ice Cream Machine Nov 24, 2021
    One of the hottest ice cream machines of our product is BQ320. The compressor of this is embraco aspera or Panasonic. It processes the features of high efficient, fast freezing, low electricity consumption and easy operation. You do not need the complicated manipulation, after a few steps you can get the tasty ice cream. The easy-to-use operation makes it a hot-selling product. It do not take up many place so it usually be used in restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea shops etc. This machine can make 2 + mixed flavors of ice cream and can make the fancy flavors to attract more people to your place.
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  • Fried Ice Cream Machine
    Fried Ice Cream Machine Nov 30, 2021
    This commercial fried ice cream machine is MODEL BQF112C. It is made of all stainless steel material and it is durable and quality guaranteed. There are six large-capacity ingredient cylinders to hold various ingredients for affluent tastes. The diameter of the pan is 500mm and the depth of it is 25mm. The special taste of rolling ice cream catch people’s taste buds and the different collocation of ingredients of it attract people. So the fried ice cream is getting more and more popular snack in the world in recent years. It is widely used in bars, cafés, milk-tea stores, dessert shops, restaurants, bakeries, etc.
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  • Ice Cream Display Freezer
    Ice Cream Display Freezer Dec 08, 2021
    An ice cream display freezer is used for storing and displaying ice cream and gelato. Its functional is to ensure your product is kept at optimal temperature where neither melting nor hard freezing can occur. This product is easy to handle and clean, it is a good choice for you. The ice cream display freezer not only accommodate these containers but also expand the sales in the seasons of spring and summer, when the huge demand for ice cream. It can show the kinds and colors of the gelato directly to customers and  it usually be placed near the door to attract more people.
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  • Popsicle Making Machine
    Popsicle Making Machine Dec 15, 2021
    Popsicle making machine is the machine for making Popsicle. The series BQP products is made of stainless steel and it is durable and quality guaranteed.   According to the size of machine, you can customize the popsicle models of different shapes and sizes. The models of popsicle have 75 ml*40 pieces, 80 ml*40 pieces and 75 ml*35 pieces, you can choose the model on your demand. This machine is easy operating and it can make a large number of ice lollipops at once, that is why the ice popsicle machine is widely used in the world. You can making the different shape of popsicles to attract more people and various flavors to catch people’s taste buds.
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