• Slush Machine
    Slush Machine Dec 21, 2021
    The machine which can make colorful frozen drinks is slush machine. It is easy to use, just put the correct concentrate into the tank and operate the machine. Then the tasty slush is done. Slushies can be made out of water and syrup or other fruit juice. The slush machine of BEIQI is durable and quality guaranteed. There are three types of the machine, you can choose the suitable one on your demand. The three - tanked one is more popular, because it can make three flavors at once. The different colors and tastes are the highlight to attract more people.
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  • Hard Ice Cream Machine
    Hard Ice Cream Machine Dec 29, 2021
    The commercial batch freezer manufacturing equipment series include several types. You can choose the suitable one on your demand. The BEIQI products have the features of high efficient, low electricity consumption, stable performance and so on. It is reliable, endurable and quality - guaranteed. The good pre-sales and after-sales service makes us to meet the needs of customers. The hard ice cream machine usually be used in restaurants, dessert shops and coffee shops. You can make the different flavor by the machine and use the ice cream display freezer to store the gelato and show the delicacy to people. The ice cream also can be matched with other food to make different tasty.
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  • Ice Cream Machine Cleaning
    Ice Cream Machine Cleaning Jan 05, 2022
    The ice cream machine need to clean after making ice cream machine. Because we must afford the sanitary food to customers, and the machine can maintain a good operation. You need to follow the steps when you clean the ice cream machine. Step 1: Exhaust all the remainder in the silos and tanks. Step 2: Pour water into the hopper and switch the ”clean” button to run for 3 minutes. Step 3: Pull down the handle and water come out. Step 4: Dismantle the distribution valve and take out two axles. Step 5: Take out discharge door and the beater,  after that clean them with detergent. Step 6: Reassembly the discharge door. (The Vaseline is required to apply when assembling the plunger piston.) Step 7: Repeat 2-3 times with water.
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  • The Importance of machine cleaning
    The Importance of machine cleaning Jan 12, 2022
    Ice cream machine is good for both business and customers. It can attract people to the place and provide the tasty to customers. But we need to clean the machine usually. Why we clean our machines? Food safety It is important that to keep the machines clean in restaurant industry. If not, the machines will cause the bacteria. It will cause people have a sick, and have a influence on business. Maintain machines for years The restaurant need to deplete many instrument in long term operation. With the suitable cleaning and maintenance, the instrument can be extended the expiry date. Without the cleaning, the important components will incapable. In a conclusion, we can get that it is significant to clean the ice cream machine. Not only to maintain a machine but also to reassure customers.
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  • Why Ice Cream Machine Popular
    Why Ice Cream Machine Popular Jan 19, 2022
    Ice cream is one of the most favorite snack in the world. It can be sold in all season, especially in summer. That is why the ice cream machine popular in the world. But on the other hand, the quality assurance of the brand is very important. It determines whether customer choose your products. The products of BEIQI obtain CE, ROHS and LFGB food grade certificate. They made of stainless steel, is endurable and quality - guaranteed. We will provide the per- sale, after - sale service and warranty service. Until now, more and more customers choose our products.
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  • Keeping Your Food Perfectly
    Keeping Your Food Perfectly Jan 26, 2022
    You will see the food first when you come to food. If the food look good enough to eat, they will attract more customers to your place. The mean is that you need to store and display them perfectly and keep the delicacy at its best. The food can not be represented directly on the menu, but you can show that in the showcase the food  be sell. Because the delicacy can be show Intuitively and simply, the customers can choose the food directly.  It is the best way to market your whole business and attract more people. Display the food safely and tastefully is the key in food industry. The good display freezer is essential to keeping your cake at best. In order to keep the food greatly and catch people’s eyes, we need to choose the best display freezer.
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  • The Ice Cream is Important
    The Ice Cream is Important Feb 09, 2022
    Ice cream have a wide range of appeal and a long-term appeal. It is favored by generations without the barriers of age, class, gender or any other factors that makes enjoying ice cream. Both young and old, ice cream can be a great treat. It can make people happy and relaxed. After a long day at work, it is a positive thing be needed to relax in your own home. The sweet can offset your fatigue. Especially in summer, ice cream can bring the cool to you and eliminate the heat. 
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  • How to Make Your Gelato Business Better
    How to Make Your Gelato Business Better Feb 16, 2022
    How to make your gelato business better? If you want to attract more people to your place and maintain your customers, you need to produce the silky, rich texture of authentic Italian gelato. The machine need to produce better product for people, so you need to buy endurable and quality - guaranteed machine and make sure your material is fresh and high quality. After that you can catch more customers in a long term. In the processing, you can use super - fresh eggs, milk and cream and delicious flavorings. For example, vanilla beans, pure vanilla extract and coco powder. High quality product not only make your business better but also keep good reputation.
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