• Know More About Slush Machine
    Know More About Slush Machine Feb 24, 2022
    The important aspect of the Slush machine is to know the time it takes for a slushy machine to freeze? When buying a slushy machine, you need to check the freeze time in the product specification. The ”time factor” becomes very important because of restaurants base on that to calculate the waiting time and to know the time they need to turn on the machine in the morning. How long does a slushy machine need to freeze? Most of the slush machines take about 45 to 60 minutes to freeze. But depending on the difference of brands and models of some machines, the freezing time at least for 30 minutes. From studies got that factors affecting freeze time of the slush machine: Correct proportion of syrup to water; The setting of the slush machine; External temperature; Placement of the slush machine.
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  • The Tasty: Ice Cream
    The Tasty: Ice Cream Mar 02, 2022
    Ice cream is one of the most favorite food in the world and people cant not leave it away. That is mean business need more creations of ice cream to fit people’s taste. In the recent years, people have many thinks of the innovation of ice cream. The taste of ice cream become more and more, except the general flavors like chocolate and vanilla. The new things face to persons, which like black sesame, cheery blossoms, Oreo, ect. Furthermore, such as ice cream moon cake, ice cream puffs, ice cream cake and so on. Ice cream is not only a tasty to eliminate people’s heat in summer, but also the snack of gathering with family and friends.
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  • The Attention You Need to Pay When You Clean the Ice Cream Machine
    The Attention You Need to Pay When You Clean the Ice Cream Machine Mar 09, 2022
    When you clean the ice cream machine, you need to pay these attention: 1.A suitable place. The open venue you need to choose when you clean the machine. Because it can avoid the processes of cleaning to accept other machines and it can ensure you clean the machine conveniently. 2.A correct frequency. You need to plan a correct frequency of ice cream cleaning, which can maintain the machine life and keep the sanitary food to customers. 3.The appropriate time. In order to the cleaning process do not influence the sale time, the off-day and the close-time is the best time to clean the machines.
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  • Get More Information about Fried Ice Cream
    Get More Information about Fried Ice Cream Mar 17, 2022
    Fried ice cream machine is a new type of mixing ice machine. It can drop the temperature rapidly. Fried ice cream is one of the most trendy and fashionable snack in the world. Fried ice cream is a sweetened frozen dessert. It is made from milk, cream and sugars and other added ingredients to abundance the flavor. The liquid mixture is need to stir on an ice pan and simultaneously cooled to suitable temperature. There is a little difference between roll ice cream and traditional ice cream. The rolling ice cream doesn’t in cone but in a cup, which you eat with a spoon. 
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  • Guidance of Slush Machine
    Guidance of Slush Machine Mar 24, 2022
    For daily maintenance, wiping and flushing your slush machine is necessary. After discharge the liquid from the barrel and flushing out the residue with water, fill the barrel up with warm water that can submerge the beater and shaft. About 10 minutes later, discharge the polluted water and need to clean the barrel with cleaning agent repeatedly, it aims to prevent the bacteria from growing. This can be easily operated while you are carry out other tasks. The individual parts need thoroughly cleaning weekly, this is in order to make heath and better drinks to customers and keep the business operating normally.
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  • Important Factors for Choosing a Commercial Ice Cream Freezer
    Important Factors for Choosing a Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Mar 30, 2022
    You need to think about the temperature as well as other major factors when you choose the best commercial ice cream display freezer. Capacity. A commercial ice cream storage should posses enough capacity to store the gelato, and show many flavors of ice cream to shoppers. Efficiency. One concern with the machine is energy efficiency. It is important that whether it can effectively keep your food. More temperature control. Certain types of commercial ice cream refrigerators have temperature ranges to help you handle ice cream or other frozen substances.  
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  • The History of Popsicle
    The History of Popsicle Apr 07, 2022
    The frozen food has been enjoy for millennia. In Ancient Rome, the noble would sent the slaves to the mountain to retrieved blocks of ice. The ice usually be crushed and served with fruit and syrups. Marco Polo who was a explorer in Medieval Venetial, has enjoyed sorbets and ices when he traveled to the Chinese court. Besides, in the early history of the United States, the iced sorbets and freezes were feted to many visitors to Monticello by Thomas Jefferson. Set the sight to 1905, a 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson of Oakland, California. He left a glass that filled with water, powder soda mix and a wooden stick overnight. Frank got a great  idea when he woke up in the morning and found the glass. Then the popsicle come out.
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  • A Few Secrets of Ice Cream
    A Few Secrets of Ice Cream Apr 13, 2022
    Many people think ice cream is in high calories and this food should be avoided. But it is depending on the specific brand you like, you go to a local grocery where you can find some brands are much lower in calories than one people think. There is unnecessary about that to sacrifice taste and enjoyment because common ice cream’s calories is not significantly higher than “light” type. In addition, many people who love ice cream generally think it is unhealthy and choose less pleasant substitutions. The people who with good healthy can aware that the substitution of ice cream generally unhealthier than traditional one.
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