• The Trend that Ice Cream Pursue
    The Trend that Ice Cream Pursue Apr 20, 2022
    An increasingly popular healthy trend in ice cream is the demand for lactose-free frozen dessert. This is driven by a combination of the side effects of lactose intolerance and a growing clean-eating movement among millennials, which has led many consumers to think dairy products are unhealthy. But in recent years, many manufactures in order to attract a generation of health-conscious consumers, they reduce sugar or fact, or cut down on the calorie or lactose content by creating new formulations. The development of this industry depend on consumers’ preference, the business will be driven to continue to find more latest healthy trend to get a foothold in the market.
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  • How to Make Roll Ice Cream
    How to Make Roll Ice Cream Apr 28, 2022
    Most of us are familiar with traditional ice cream, which is made ahead and stored in a freezer and  if we need  ice cream that will be took directly from a container. It is tasty but it is boring, right? We can move our eyes to ice cream rolls, they are made fresh to order, by hand, right in front of you. To make fried ice cream, super cold flat metal pans are used. The ice cream can be blended with any ingredients that you like, such as strawberries,  meringue, chocolate or biscuits. Then mix them together and then sliced and diced using metal spatulas to fuse the flavours together,  for a silky texture. Finally, the fried ice cream is flattened into a rectangle and separated into strips, after that roll up into spirals. The beautiful roll ice cream finished. 
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  • Making Popsicles is Funny
    Making Popsicles is Funny May 05, 2022
    There is a fun, inexpensive summer activity in summer, it is making healthy popsicles by yourself. It can make you far away the heat and provide you with a snack to keep cool. Yogurt Pops: mix a cup of yogurt, some fruit and little honey in a container. After that, pour it into a pop model and freeze . Pudding Pops: First, make pudding with low-fat milk. Then put the pudding and your favorite food into a blender. The banana chocolate pudding and the Oreo vanilla pudding are the good match. Let’s make popsicles to keep yourself out of the heat.
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  • The Benefit of Eating Ice Cream
    The Benefit of Eating Ice Cream May 13, 2022
    A study showed the benefit of eating ice cream. First, the calcium is the key ingredient, eating low - fat dairy can make you acquire more calories and do not regain the weight you have lost. And mention that ice cream contain vitamins and minerals. When you eat ice cream, you can absorb a great sources of ingredients of calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus and so on. In the other hand, ice cream can provide you energy. Ice cream usually contain sugar, and sugar is an instant source of energy.
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  • The Best Way to Store Ice Cream
    The Best Way to Store Ice Cream May 19, 2022
    If the freezer not better enough, it means the ice cream has to consume sooner or throw away. There are some tips to help keep the ice cream longer. The colder the freezer temperature, it is better. Keep the ice cream in a fridge that you do not open usually. Store it in the farthest, coldest place in your freezer. When you serve it, try not to leave it on the counter too longer. In addition, isolate from the air. When you put ice cream in the fridge, you better to tight the cover and consider covering it with plastic wrap. If the ice cream spoil you need to throw away as soon as possible.
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  • Slush Business
    Slush Business May 26, 2022
    Slush drink is a great addition to business. Blend the simple ingredient with water, syrup and product mix. There are many different syrup flavors available to choose, including classics like grape, strawberry, raspberry, lemon and so on. Because of the simple syrup packaging the machine is easy to fill. It is important that the machine is visible, so we often place the machines close to the entrance.  The product would easily arise customers’ interest and it is a convenience for sell . There are some installation requirements that include keeping it away from the heat source, humidity, dust, water, and combustible gases. Besides, you need to setup and ready to operate it. 
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  • What is Rolled Ice Cream
    What is Rolled Ice Cream Jun 01, 2022
    The rolled ice cream created about 10 years ago and it got a nickname “stir - fried ice cream”. Because it look like made on hot plate, however, the surface of the plate is very cold. This unique style of ice cream is not pulled from the bucket with the spoon, but pour the runny milk or cream with the cookies, sprinkles and other mixture on the plate. When the creamy concoction is spread around, it will freeze. Cut in to several parts and roll it with the shovel, and then put them into the bowl and drizzled and topped something you need.
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  • The Gelato
    The Gelato Jun 09, 2022
    Gelato is very delicious, we have all learnt to enjoy it. But there are no regulation on gelato, we usually mistake low quality ice cream for good one. High quality ingredients possess the natural colors. Unnaturally bright colors are an artificial colors. On the other hand, the gelato’s appearance is not shining but matte. If the gelato is shining, which means it is melting. Furthermore, if you find the gelato shows as a mountain, this is an indication that the gelato is not good. Because, the texture of gelato is dense, if it is exposed and it doesn’t melt, it shows that the gelato with many vegetable fats and emulsifiers. When you make the gelato, the flavour of it should be pure and clear. The taste of gelato will make you pleasant when you eat it.
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