• What Makes Ice Cream Its Creamy More Texture?
    What Makes Ice Cream Its Creamy More Texture? Jun 17, 2022
    The creaminess of ice cream depends on the size of the ice crystals. The crystal is smaller , the texture is more creamier. Freezing rapidly and stirring constantly will make many small crystals in the water that in ice cream mixture. It is creamier and smoother than the cream that contain larger crystals. If you make ice cream at home, you can do something to help the cream that do not have the stabilizer. You should ensure that the ice cream mixture is cold before yo pour it in the ice cream machine at first. If you use the traditional ice cream stirring machine, you can put the sealed ice cream tan in a barrel of ice and salt. Remember that you need to blend the ice with salt completely.
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  • Why Ice Cream is Good For You
    Why Ice Cream is Good For You Jun 24, 2022
    Ice cream is not only a funny food that bring you happy but also good for you. There are some reasons that let you know why ice cream is good for you. Ice cream contains vitamins and a lot of energy. It can provide energy which we need , but remember that too much of thing can bring you undesired effects, so eat this food moderately. When you find yourself have a stressful day, you can eat a carton of ice cream. It can help in relaxing your nerve. When you have an ice cream you will feel happy. Because ice cream helps produce serotonin, it is a stimulation for you brain. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy ice cream!
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  • There are Some Reasons Why People Love Ice Cream
    There are Some Reasons Why People Love Ice Cream Jul 01, 2022
    Everyone love ice cream, but why? The following reasons may be can tell you. 1. The various flavors People can choose the flavor he like, such as chocolate, vanilla, lemon or other flavors. There is no correct or false flavor. 2. Ice cream is good in each season Ice cream is a good thing for any season. In summer, you can have an ice cream to cool off. In winter, you can relish your favourite hot food with ice cream. 3. Ice cream can make your sadness go away A study show that a cup of ice cream can make you happy when you feel sad. 4. You can have an ice cream in anywhere We can see ice cream can be sole in anywhere, you can take your favorite frozen treat with you wherever you go when it’s wrapped nicely in a cone. 5. Ice cream can match everything Ice cream not only have a good taste but also can match other tasty food. Such as ice ream cake, ice cream brownie,and ice cream pie.
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  • Talk about the Gelato
    Talk about the Gelato Jul 08, 2022
    Gelato is popular as even been. Ice cream store, restaurant and cafe usually compete with each other to produce different, special and new flavors to attract people. Gelato is a food that is easy to keep. There are many kinds of gelato makers to choose. At BEIQI, we only sell the machines with stricter capacity and higher than industrial standard. Now, let’s review the model that customers favourite. The BEIQI products BQH40 is the best sell commercial ice cream machine and is suitable for many places. It is a standing design which produces up to 50L of delicious gelato in approximately 60 minutes.It has the features of high efficient, low electricity consumption, stable performance and so on. It is reliable, endurable and quality - guaranteed. The good pre-sales and after-sales service makes us to meet the needs of customers.
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  • The Facts of Fried Ice Cream Machine
    The Facts of Fried Ice Cream Machine Jul 15, 2022
    If you want to make perfect fried ice cream to your customers, you must have to consider this kind of fried ice cream machine. You can put some fruit and milk, then you can make your favourite ice cream rolls easily. This is an advanced machine, it can make more ice cream with less time. Thus, if your customers do not want to wait a long time and your previous machine is aging, you would lose your business. This machine is professional, you can set up your business rapidly. As we know that fried ice cream is a new kind of ice cream. Ice cream rolls are not seem perfect when you make some mistakes in the procession of making it. We ensure that our product is completely professional, it can meet your needs. The fried ice cream needs perfect temperature and quick frying, our product possess these capacities.
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  • How to Make Soft Ice Cream
    How to Make Soft Ice Cream Jul 22, 2022
    The difference between hard and soft ice cream is the texture. The soft ice cream contain more air than hard ice cream, this is why the soft serve get its feature of lightness. Because of the soft ice cream is more and more popular and widespread, the procession of it need to be more easier to make. There are one of two forms in the shops: a powdered mix or premixed liquid. The powder need to the addition of water or milk. This is more common and cheaper choice. Premixed liquid is constantly regarded as a better production. The air will into the soft serve when it is freezing. In the process of blending ice cream will generate smaller ice crystals that means the softer ice cream be produced. The air plays an important role in changing the characteristics of taste and texture of ice cream. 
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  • The Ancient History of Gelato
    The Ancient History of Gelato Jul 29, 2022
    Let's talk about the history of gelato. According to some paper we know that the ancient Palestine reapers of the harvesters who offered refreshments that made of compressed snow, it had been taken from the Lebanese mountains and had been stored in special containers to keep it all the summer. Cleopatra even offered Caesar and Anthony this “drink” in silver goblets when they met. Then,  the first recipe of  gelato appears in Rome, even though it was like a slushy. The concoction was not only popular with the aristocracy, but also with the people who were provided the tasty by street vendors. During the fall of the Roman empire, many of the custom and the delicacies were disappeared, also the frozen tasty. We also must look to the Arabs to follow the gelato history. They made the first leap of producing frozen fruit juices by placing in containers that surrounded crushed ice. This was a more lighter form of the gelato, and they called it “sherbert". In Northern Europe, the Arabic sherbet was brought back by the Crusaders who had known it during their time in the Holy Land. There is a rumor that the refreshing mixture was sent by the gallant Saladin when Lion Heart knew that Richard was suffering from a fever.
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  • Make Fried Ice Cream Together
    Make Fried Ice Cream Together Aug 06, 2022
    Before make fried ice cream, line a silicone baking sheet on the baking sheet. Scoop the ice cream into balls and freeze on prepared baking sheet for at least 2 hours. Then, beat the egg whites in a bowl. Put the crushed cereal in another bowl. Dip a frozen ice cream ball into egg whites and then put some cereal and return to the baking sheet. After that, pour vegetable oil in a large oven or fryer and heat to 190C. separately fry the ice cream balls until golden. It is about 1 minute, remove from the oil . At last, Transfer to a platter with optional adornments.
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