How to make ice cream


If you want to make tasty ice cream, you need to follow the steps below. 1.Prepare your ice cream base. You can generally combine your cold milk, cream, sugar, and flavoring ingredients, in a mixing bowl then add it straight to the machine. Or dried full cream milk 1.5kg, white sugar 2.5kg, starch powder edible gelatin, water, egg. You may also purchase ice cream powder to make ice cream. But you must follow the instruction to add milk or water. 2.Churn your ice cream. Place the mixing paddle in the container, pour your ice cream base in the cylinder and then turn the machine ON to begin turning. The compressor will start up after 30 seconds, and the machine will stop automatically when the hardness of ice cream reach the number you set. 3.Serve or store. For more of a soft-serve ice cream consistency, serve immediately. For a firmer consistency, transfer to an airtight container and store in the freezer for at least 2 hours. If storing longer, cover the ice cream surface with plastic wrap before placing the lid on to prevent ice crystals from forming. The longer the ice cream is stored, the more the flavors will intensify. Allow it to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before scooping for best results.
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